The Top Wholesale Home Décor Trends You’re Not Paying Attention To

When you’re stocking your store with new wholesale home décor items, you’ll want to make sure you capitalize on popular trends. While some trends are hard to miss, it’s likely that there are other popular styles you’re overlooking. These are a few popular trends that might be under your radar.

Bold Colours

Neutral colour palettes have been the default in home decor for quite a while. These shades are still as popular as ever, but bold colours are also seeing a surge in popularity. Many people are looking for brightly-coloured accent pieces to add visual interest to their home.

Traditional Style Decor

COVID-19 has convinced many households to go back to basics. Because of that, there are many people looking for classic and traditional pieces for the home. People want to live in a place that’s comfortable and inviting.

Spa Bathroom Decor

Instead of taking a trip to the spa, people are working to create a spa-like environment in their own home. When you’re buying items for the bathroom, you should look for luxurious pieces that look as though they belong in a spa.

Light-Toned Woods

Scandinavian decor is a major source of inspiration for many homeowners. This means that many people are drawn to woods in light tones. If you’re purchasing wholesale hardwood pieces, you should keep this in mind!

Grandmillennial Style

Millennials are buying homes at a face pace, and many of these people are drawn to items that remind them of the home their grandparents lived in! Old-fashioned items, vintage-style pieces, and crotchet decor are all very popular.

Make sure you don’t overlook any of these trends when you’re making wholesale home décor purchases. If you’re able to jump on trends that your competitors have missed out on, you’ll be able to appeal to a much broader audience.

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