Four Issues to Anticipate on the Day of your Big College Move

Moving to college is a life changing event that will get you out of your comfort zone. As with any other similar occurrence, it can be fraught with problems and complications. Anticipating these problems and preparing for them ahead of time will ensure a more smooth transition. Moving to college can be a breeze if you hire professional college movers to haul your stuff and if you plan way ahead of time. Here are 4 issues you should expect on the day of the big move:

1. Complete your Documentation to Avoid Delays

During the day of your big move, delays will happen if you have not submitted the proper permits and forms to your dormitory. Be sure to fill out the required housing forms, move in agreements, meal plan arrangement requests, and consent forms (if you are a minor). On top of that, do not forget to bring pertinent documentation like your birth certificate, passport, sss number, financial aid documents, and the like. The Matco Calgary Movers website is a useful resource if you would like more information.

2. Fight Misplacement of Your Belongings

Anticipate that some of your belongings will get lost along the way. Even college movers can bring your stuff to the wrong room. For the big ticket items, write your name and room number on a masking tape, and then tape this onto the item. For smaller items inside a box, writing the information onto the box itself will be useful in case your stuff ends up in the wrong hands.

3. Acknowledge That you Can Lose your Way

Since you will be living in a new environment, getting lost is an inevitable part of your experience. Not even Google Maps can locate where a small chemical laboratory is that you need to get to for your lab class. Prepare as much as you can by visiting all the classrooms you are assigned to. Case the joint, so to speak, before school actually starts. Being familiar with your campus and the surrounding areas will be beneficial, so you’ll know where you need to go.

4. Prepare to Differ from Your Roommate

For the first time ever, you will be living with someone who is not your blood relative. You fight with your siblings, so it is perfectly natural to disagree with someone who is practically a stranger. Prepare to have a roommate with a different mindset. Always tell yourself that this is not a negative thing because humans are wonderfully unique. Being tolerant and patient with someone who differs from you will go along way into helping keep the peace inside your dorm room.

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