4 Kitchen Plumbing Problems Common in Homes

Your kitchen depends on a well-functioning plumbing system for its functionality. A faulty plumbing system goes beyond, causing inconveniences; some cause significant problems. You need home depot plumbing to repair malfunctioning parts of your kitchen’s plumbing system immediately the fault happens before it gets worse than before. Since kitchens are prone to plumbing problems more than other rooms in your home, it is wise to know about them so that you can act quickly when the issues happen.

1. Low water pressure

A weak stream of water is a sign that the plumbing system is experiencing low water pressure. The primary cause of low water pressure in the kitchen is often clogged aerators. It usually occurs as a result of dissolved minerals such as accumulation of calcium in the openings of the aerator. People with hard water are prone to continuous clogged aerator. Therefore, they should be keen to notice any changes and hire a plumber to correct the issue before it becomes worse and costly to repair.

2. Slow Drain

The first thing that comes in the mind of most people when they hear about kitchen plumbing problems is a clogged drain. The chances are that no other drain in the house is likely to get clogged than the kitchen drains. Things such as fats, grease, food waste, and oil that go down the kitchen drain usually accumulate, which often cause slow or clogged drains. You need to hire home depot plumbing to fix the issue and help you to prevent drain clogs in the future. Additionally, the p-trap on your kitchen sink gets filled with grease and soap, which causes clogged sinks and a leaking sink. If that happens, you need an expert to fix the problem before you start experiencing odors from the kitchen

3. Leaky faucet

A leaky faucet may not be an emergency for most people unless you sleep near the kitchen, and the sound keeps on disturbing you. However, what most people do not know is that leaky faucet results in water wastage. You should first try tightening the faucet to prevent water leakage. However, if that does not work, it is time you hired a plumber to fix the issue and save water. In the meantime, you should shut off the water source to prevent more water from dripping from the faucet.

4. A faulty garbage disposal

Garbage disposal is not designed to handle items such as bones and grease. Also, you should not put rice, potato peels, and pumpkin seeds inside the garbage disposal because it causes it to jam. You can press the reset button if the garbage disposal has jammed to enable it to run again. However, if that fails to work, you need to call a plumber to inspect for other faulty and repair it.

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