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5 Ways to Prepare for Movers

Moving any distance is a task that requires preparation, planning, thought, and help. While friends and family might be able to assist at times, it’s best to hire professional movers who have experience with each step of the process. With their help, moving can go more smoothly so you’re less stressed out overall. However, it’s important to know that, although movers help, they won’t do everything. In order to keep things going, preparation ahead of time using the tips below is essential.

1. Safely Pack Everything

If you have breakables, it’s important to safely package them in your boxes for the moving team. Since they move quickly, they won’t have time to be extra gentle with each of the boxes that they move. By adding extra packing materials and being careful with wrapping every item, you’ll have peace of mind that your belongings won’t break. The Hudson Movers website may provide additional insights if you need more information.

2. Label the Boxes

Even if your boxes are divided by the rooms that they belong in, they will likely get mixed up once they go into the moving truck. To help make unloading easier, you’ll want to label each box ahead of time. You should do this with colored stickers and written labels so movers can easily identify where everything goes when they load and unload. You should also write down how many boxes you have in each room so you know for certain that everything has arrived together.

3. Set Non-Moving Items Aside

Any items you’re going to keep with you should be kept in a clearly marked box so movers don’t mistakenly take them. Set this box aside and let the team know that it isn’t part of the boxes that are being moved when they arrive. By being extra cautious, you won’t have to worry about these things being taken and causing unnecessary stress.

4. Watch What You Pack

Ask the moving company about any items that are restricted from being placed into the moving truck. This will likely include paint, chemical cleaners, aerosol cans, lighter fluid, and any other hazardous items. If you pack these types of things, even accidentally, you could face fines and fees.

5. Clear Walkways

The individuals that are helping you move need to have clear walkways in order to load boxes and safely haul them out. By doing this ahead of time, the team will immediately be able to start working when they arrive.

Are You Ready to Move?

Having a team of professionals helping you move is something you’ll appreciate from the moment they arrive. However, it’s important to prepare for them in order to make sure they can get to work right away. Fortunately, this doesn’t take much work but will make all the difference when you’re ready to get started for the day.

6 Times You Should Consider Changing Your Home Locks

We all love decorating our homes with exotic and expensive showpieces, but how often do we put our mind to changing the locks of our homes? We rarely do that, but we should consider keeping our home and its residents safe. To know when to change home locks, the following info shared by locksmith www.lockupservices.ca will come to a lot handy for you.

1. Moving to a New Home

Moving to a new home

Whenever you move to a new home, changing the locks should be your topmost priority. If it’s a newly built place, then it is safe to move in and settled down. In case you are purchasing the property from someone else, then you should get the locks changed because you never know the intentions of the people who lived there before you.

2. Renovating your Home

Man fixing door

If you are renovating your place, then you should not be concerned about the beauty of the rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms only, due attention should be given to the other supplementary parameters as well of which locks are an indispensable apart. When renovating your home, choose the locks that go well with the new wall and door color/textures. You will find many alluring modern locks on the market. All you need to do is choose the ones that justify your new home interior and fits your cost for home locks.

3. Losing keys

Losing keys

It happens many times that we end up losing keys to our home, car and other things and we resort the services of locksmiths to get it fixed. Instead of getting made a duplicate key, you should opt for changing locks because you don’t know where you have dropped the keys and if it has found a place in the hands of some miscreants. To be on the safe side during such situations, changing home locks is an optimal decision.

4. Old Locks

Old Locks

If you have been living in your current home for quite a long time, and you never have the locks changed, then you might want to give it a thought. Your home has been managing with old locks somehow till now, but they might not be able to keep your household items safe any further. Hence, you should get the home locks changed. Also, if you find that locks have fallen victim to rust, then also you should change them.

5. Better Security

Better Security

Since technology is rendering us with high-end tech devices with every passing day, the same applies to locks as well. There are many modern locks available in the market which are a fine example of the blend of technology and innovation. The primary purpose of these locks is to keep your home safe and sound from any unwanted happening. You can choose any from such latest locks, and provide your home with a better security level.

6. Getting Suspicious

Getting Suspicious

One day, while entering the home from getting back to the office or any other place, if you find that the locks of your home have been struggled with, you should get alert. It is a clear signal that someone tried to break-in during your absence. Although you will contact the local police department to inform them of the situation so that they remain more vigilant, you should get the home locks changed instantly.

If you run into any situation where you have to change the home locks, you might want to keep yourself updated with some tips to change door locks, so that you can get the better of the scenario.


7 Tips For A Last Minute Move – From Calgary Movers

If you’re moving to a new house or commercial space in the near future, ideally you would like to pack all your boxes, label them and track your inventory. You would also like to plan ahead and make sure that there’s enough time to get everything done without hassles.

But life doesn’t always go according to our plans and more often than not, we do not have enough time in our hands as we would have liked.

In such situations, the best thing to do would be to gear up and start working. After all, there’s plenty to do – wrapping, packing, labeling, arranging transportation, etc.

We understand how stressful moving can be and needless to say, last minute moves are even more stressful. But worry not because we have a few tips for you that are guaranteed to make your last minute move at least a little less hassle-free.

1. Spend A Few Hours Planning

Spend A Few Hours Planning

I know this seems like something you wouldn’t do on the last minute move, but this could save you a lot of time later. Spend some time walking around your house, making lists of all the things you would take to your new place and what you were going to leave behind. Then, make a quick plan on what you are going to start with an estimate if you might need more help. Your friends would love to help you out, provided you give them some time to plan their own schedule.

2. Buy Packing Materials

Happy Woman Unpacking Online Purchase At Home

One of the most frustrating things during packing would be to be halfway through and realize you’re out of boxes or cello tape. Going to the store to buy supplies in the middle of packing would break your flow and slow things down. If you do a bit of planning (as per #1), then make a trip to the store before you start with your moving tasks.

3. Use Trash Bags As Well As Boxes

Use Trash Bags As Well As Boxes

While boxes are great while moving, you have to be careful about placing your items neatly in the box in order to utilize the space efficiently. Garbage bags hold more than boxes and all you have to do is throw things into it and it holds them.

4. Pack First, Sort Later

Pack First, Sort Later

When you’re packing in a hurry, there is no time to sort items based on their types, put them in boxes and label them. Usually, when it’s a last minute move, the ultimate aim is to make sure that everything gets to the new house safely, irrespective of whether they are organized or not. This could make unpacking extremely difficult, but these are sacrifices you might just have to make.

5. Save Some For Later

save some for later

If there’s an option for you to come back and take care of certain unimportant things, then leave them out of your current moving tasks. Sometimes, getting rid of things you don’t need can wait and if you’re in a hurry, you can just come back to them later.

6. Pack Important Valuables Separately

Pack Important Valuables Separately

Important documents, jewelry, etc have to be of utmost importance. It’s unacceptable to not spend the time to sort your valuables first. So, keep your essentials and important things separately and give it the time it needs.

7. Hire Packers And Movers

Hire Packers And Movers

When you’re moving in a hurry, the best thing for you to do would be to hire professional moving services like Calgary movers www.matco.ca. Since they are experts in moving, they can get things done perfectly and on time, something that is almost unachievable for amateurs.

Moving to a new place is a lot of work and if you’ve not got enough time, the best thing you could get professional help. After all, the most important thing is getting your belongings safely to the new place, isn’t it?