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Water Filters for Different Uses

Water filters are different from water purifiers because water filters rid harmful bacteria and protozoa through microfiltration. Water purifiers not only use microfiltration, but also chemical treatments that eliminate harmful bacteria in more depth. Water filtration systems are necessary regardless of how the water may appear from the outside. Especially in more populated areas, water contains microscopic pathogens that can harm the body and give symptoms such as diarrhea, vomiting, fever, etc. To prevent any of these harmful side effects, certain filters are created for different uses. These filters include bag filters, industrial filters, filter presses, bed filters, and cartridge filters. Here is a description of what each filter does and where they best serve their purpose.Bag FiltersBag filters are not only disposable, but also cost effective. The recommended change out for bag filters is around 15 psid to ensure that a clean pressure drop is maintained within the filtration system. Depending on the size of the bag filter, there is an area of 5 to 25 square feet. Depending on the size of the bag, these filter types can also hold as much as 11 pounds of contamination within the bag.Industrial FiltersFor a more powerful application, this filter guarantees not only higher flow, but also a large capacity for the removal of waste. Some of the most popular designs for industrial filters includes the tubular backwashing filter which has been designed for high speed and continuous flow. Industrial filters can be specifically designed for high temperatures and low temperatures to make sure there is no damage to the treatment system.Filter PressesFor systems that require high powered flow for the treatment of sludge or for other waste water discharge, a filter press is recommended. For sludge that is organic, inorganic, or oily, the pressure of this device will flush anything out. Even the thickest of the sludge is slowly compressed through this strong filtration.Bed FiltersThis type of filter is best used in an aquarium setting as it is able to nitrify any bacteria that is hidden under rock or sand. The water is pumped at the bottom of the tank and works its way up to the top while cleaning out the tank.Cartridge FiltersSimilar to the bag filter is the cartridge filter which lasts a longer period of time and can generally hold more contamination. Though cartridge filters last long, they do need to be replaced every so often when the disposal bag is willed with waste. Those these types of filters have a limited surface area, they make up for this with the depth that these filters have been designed to withstand.

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