How to Buy School Gym Equipment on a Tight Budget

If your school is like many, there is a good chance that the school is on a tight budget. After things like computers, textbooks and teacher salaries are paid for, there might not be much money left in the budget for school gym equipment and school PE supplies. However, this does not mean that these things are not important. Luckily, there are a few tips that you can follow that can help you buy gym equipment for your school — like a new basketball post, school bleacher seats, gym divider curtains and other school sports equipment — even if the school is on a tight budget.

Look for Cheaper Sources

First of all, when shopping for gym equipment for the school while you’re on a budget, it really pays to look for the more affordable options. For one thing, you can consider buying certain equipment used, such as from another school that might have purchased new equipment. Just make sure that the equipment is still in good condition and that it’s safe if you choose to take this route.

Another option is to look outside of your local area for suppliers. For example, depending on what you are buying, you might find that you can purchase affordable equipment online and have it shipped to the school for much less than what you would pay locally.

Look for Multi-Functional Equipment

When buying equipment, consider looking for things that can be used for more than one purpose. For example, if you are purchasing bleachers, they can be used both for seating at basketball games and other tournaments and for seating during school assemblies that might be held in the gym.

Host Fundraisers

There is nothing wrong with hosting a fundraiser to try to gather the funds to buy the equipment that the school needs. A lot of people understand just how important school athletic programs are and might be more receptive to donating to the cause than you think. There are tons of different fundraisers that your school can host in order to earn this money, such as a candy drive or a bake sale. You might also find that local businesses are willing to buy advertisements in the gym or that they may even donate equipment.

Realizing that the school does not have enough money in its budget for gym equipment can be quite upsetting, but this does not mean that the school has to do without this equipment. Instead, if you follow these three tips, you might find that it’s more affordable than you originally thought to purchase equipment for the school.

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